Vision, Mission and Values


We believe in work and companies as a catalyst for changes to build a better and fairer world, we create and guarantee the development and perpetuity of businesses and companies, so the richness generation, the people improvement and the positive impact in the societies which we operate be greater across generations.



  • Respect and help others;
  • As human beings, we are all equal and have the same rights and duties;
  • We will not agree with unethical practices under the pretext of gaining market share or profit;


  • Be tireless in the search for knowledge;
  • Don’t try to get there alone, you probably won’t be able to;
  • If you don’t know, don’t be shy to ask;
  • Be patient, calm, prompt when explaining something to someone;
  • Repudiate negative and out-of-focus conversations;
  • Listen to others and think about all possible points of view in a situation;
  • Choose and support the best way for the company, even if the option chosen was not yours;
  • Fulfill your commitments.


  • Look to the future and adjust business now;
  • If the business is not good, get rid of it;
  • Destroy unnecessary costs;
  • Search the history of things, they probably already happened and were treated before you;
  • Do not accept that a process, routine or system cannot be improved;
  • Charge and execute exactly what was planned;
  • Commit new mistakes;
  • Transform errors into collective learning;
  • We expect total quality in the work presented, without excuses or exceptions;
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