BL Transportes e Logística

BL Transportes is a leader in the transport market, bringing solutions in logistics operations, transportation and distribution throughout the country. From the beginning of its activities, the company expands its shipping, exercising a rigorous policy of maintenance of its equipment and qualification of its professionals assuring the satisfaction of its clients.

The Group’s fifth company, BL Transportes e Logística was founded in 2008.

More than just a single carrier, BL came up after market research and analysis, where customers were looking for a quality, cost-competitive transportation service.

Always striving to provide services in accordance with the requirements for logistics activity in Brazil, BL Transportes e Logística was designed to execute greater control and identification of opportunities for cost reduction, minimization of delivery times and increase of quality in the fulfillment of the deadline and scheduling of deliveries.

BL Transport is born with a large and demanding customer: The White Solder Group.

The need to have logistics that meet the specific transportation needs of White Solder’s Business Units, as well as the firm purpose of building a company with the integrity and seriousness that characterize the companies controlled by TOR Participações, BL was conceived under large investments.

Its own shipping and first-rate professionals, highly qualified and an exemplary line of conduct make the BL a company that stands out in the market.

To be a winner in the competitive market it is not necessary to be the greatest. To win you have to be the best!

Responsible for the coming and going of the volumes of the Business Units of the White Solder Group, BL trucks transit through the roads all assured by the most respected Company in Brazil in this branch, and its franchise covers significant values ​​- which reassures every customer when deals with cargo transport.

Managed by trained, qualified and highly trained employees, BL Transport and Logistics trucks are fully traceable and at any time the customer has at their disposal precise information on the positioning of their merchandise.

BL’s quality policy means that the contracted collection and delivery times are always respected, which indicates the degree of responsibility with which the commitments are assumed.

Caring for our customers’ cargo is one of the main concerns of our company.

For the BL, the ideal transport to carry and bring a load is the commitment! It’s going to make a difference at the end of the course.

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