Professional Management


TOR Participações believes that if one is to grow, it is pivotal to promote actions to empower and develop people. Thus, it seeks to identify and reinforce its co-workers competences, in order to maintain in its workforce, professionals that incorporate the values and expectations established by the company, that develop their technical-managerial skills and that are able to conduct the company businesses aligned with all the strategic objectives.

In every Business Unit there is encouragement for talent development, supporting the employees that stand out for their skills and in developing their activities. With this in mind, all are offered the career plan possibility.

Valuing the team work and potential, offering the best function and salary policy and the best working conditions ensure for TOR a high level of productivity in its controlled companies.

Empowerment and development of its professionals is one of the company’s priorities, as it perceives in human capital one of its main competitive advantages.


Our strategic planning also involves the Assessments that are frequently carried out as a method and instrument to keep track of each sector’s development. Also involved are critical analysis meetings every 2(two) months when every manager presents his/her sector progress before the board for assistance in strategies guidance and in the resolution of difficulties.


Another important factor for the quality management system in our organization, are the Training Plans taught on a weekly basis and managed and accompanied by the quality sector, seeking on-going improvement and greater synergy among all sectors of the company. Awareness and spreading of information is part of our companies’ everyday routine, directly contributing towards everyone’s professional and personal growth.


Communication. This is a need which the world has developed aiming to facilitate access to information and to the content daily created by everything and by all. It is no different inside a company. There must be communication among all companies of a group, so as to generate an inter-relationship among all and to reinforce the activities developed by the companies in their daily routine, informing and fulfilling the objectives of an organization always responsible for and concerned over its development and evolution.

It is with a transparence policy and democracy that the group promotes an information publication named “Jornal Interno – Tor Participações”, in which all employees, from any sector, in any company of the group, participate with their own articles and with news on what is developed in their work, sector or line of action, collaborating towards information and awareness of the over 300 people who are currently part of this family.

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