Created in 2008 to be a management company, TOR Participações concentrates the function of managing the Business Units of the Saccoman Torrente family.

Holding of 100% national capital, fully structured, in all legal, tax and fiscal forms, TOR Participações was established with the purpose of organizing in a transparent way the structure of the group; to take care of all legal and legal protections, to make succession processes structured, as well as to enable future investments, as well as their expansion and participation in various segments.

Family control, professional management and partnership with the market – aligned thoughts that seek profitable and sustainable growth.

Administered by competency management, in family structure, TOR Participações enables all its shareholders to be appointed in its day-to-day operations, a portion in its administration, where each one, through his professional experience and university education, develops tasks in their abilities and specialties in all the controlled companies, whose succession processes have already been predefined since the institution of each one.

With its 40 years of experience in this segment, TOR Participações is a recognized entrepreneur in the tinny sector. Today, TOR Participações operates in the metallurgy, mining, logistics and foreign trade segments. It is part of its mission to share with its controlled units a unique vision regarding the quality, research, qualification of teams and collaborators.

Characterized mainly by the conduct and transparency with which manages its subsidiaries, it imposes respect for the integrity of its employees, fully complying with labor and environmental laws, as well as strictly complying with tax, fiscal and legal rules.

For TOR Participações, each detail reflects its concern for the welfare of all participants, from the creation of better positions and salaries, support and social assistance of each employee to the socio-environmental conditions where they live.

These values ​​structure the understanding that people are the essence of the performance and success of controlled companies. Therefore, everything that is done, from investments to the launch of a new product in the market, is meticulously evaluated, as a precious metal, through actions consistent with social responsibility to market adaptations. Everything is always impregnated with a determination to seek growth based on sustainable bases and competitiveness based on the appreciation of human relations and the environment.

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