White Solder Group

From ore production to the end product, everyday the White Solder Group carefully polishes its market vision.

In the White Solder Group companies, the verb to grow is conjugated on a daily basis from the start. For generations, the construction of the principles and the business vision has been guided by values and humanist ideals that inspire the redefinition of frontiers of sound and bold projects.

Since the first company was founded, the Group has understood the importance of believing, daring, establishing relations of quality, highly competent performance, long term vision and confidence in the country’s economy.

From end to end in the Tin production chain

Em 1999, the Saccoman Torrente family brings on line the White Solder – São Paulo Unit, a solder and alloy company to serve the Brazilian marketplace.

They soon felt the need to ensure the main raw material, Tin, and with it the need to have its own casting. That was the beginning of the White Solder –Rondônia Unit.

Successive investments and a deep knowledge of the specific market needs, in 2001 comes on line the White Solder – Amazon Unit – for solders and Tin-based alloys, focused on the electronics market in Manaus.

With the Group growth, ore control became necessary to avoid a portion of this structure from becoming deficient. In 2005 a cassiterite production plant had been set up – Mineração Ponte Alta, whose specific function was to supply White Solder Rondônia casting.

The Tin chain was completed, with its units consolidated and strictly abiding by the ISO 9001 Certification standards as well as by many others of specific sectors relative to the automobile, chemical, food markets, among others.

Marked by several and tireless investments, sometimes in casting, other times in mining, Saccoman Torrente family Group is a benchmark in the Tin market, serving with very high quality the most demanding of consumers.

From ore production to the final consumer, the White Solder Group consolidates its brand!

Attending well to its customers and providing the best solutions with products of very high quality is part of the White Solder Group’s everyday routine. Manner through which each company believes it meets the trust it enjoys. Transforming the future with technology, preserving ethical, moral and in particular social principles, is part of its mission.

Crossing borders

The White Solder Group
 invests in the future, such as its two future manufacture plants located in Rondônia and in Pará, besides also ensuring sustainability and excellence in its medium and long term relationship with its customers. On account of the excellent service provided to the domestic market, several international homologations were granted and in 2008 the Group started providing Tin, Solders and Alloys on a global basis.

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