In-house Programs

Planet Earth is our greatest asset. That is why we must take good care of our heritage that gives us shelter and food, as well as providing great beauties with all its colors, fauna, flora, beautiful natural events such as sunsets and moonlight, for example.

Tor participations know of the importance that a company has in the process of collaboration with the planet, and thinking about it, several actions are geared towards environmentally sustainable growth, such as Selective Collection.

All controlled units separate the trash to be sent for recycling. This means not mixing recyclable materials with the rest of the waste.


  • Use of recyclable paper;
  • Use of residues derived from welding processes;
  • Control of internal impressions;
  • Proper collection of batteries and batteries;
  • “Green Area” projects in the controlled units, contributing to the recycling of Carbon Gas;
  • Use of degradable bags and trash bags;
  • Proper separation and disposal of chemical, corrosive and / or inflammable products;
  • Lower reduction of native forests;
  • Reduces the extraction of natural resources;
  • Reduces soil, water and air pollution;
  • Saves energy and water;
  • It allows the recycling of materials that would go to waste;
  • Preserves the soil.
  • Reduces litter in landfills and dumps;
    Extends the useful life of landfills;
    Reduce production costs, with the use of recyclables by industries;
    Reduces waste;
    Improves the cleanliness and hygiene of the city;
    Prevents flooding;
    Reduces urban cleaning expenses;
    Create opportunity to strengthen cooperatives;
    Generates employment and income through the sale of recyclables;

It is important to note that even if the products do not have one of the recycling symbols shown on the packaging, they are all sorted and addressed appropriately.

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